Nataša Papić



Nataša Papić is an extremely talented jewelry, watch and fashion designer from Serbia.

She is very yung and she started early to follow her incredible vocation for art. After many years of studies and experience, working with several Brands, she specialized in creating superb collections for her clients as freelancer.

Nataša is a real artist, she takes inspiration from architecture, nature, art, music and even just by the colors she plays with.

Her hand made drawings with pencil, watercolor, gouache make me dream and they carry me away in a world of beauty and amazing art.

The Designs

Natasia Papic design

This magnificent drawing was created in October 2020, using pencil, watercolor and white gouache. Natasia was inspired by music and the colors symphonies.

Natasia Papic

I fell in love with this design of hers! The necklace is fascinating and charming like the beautiful panther in the picture. Stunning!

Dalila Daffara