Samira Sadathosseini



Samira Sadathosseini comes from Iran and her talent is outstanding: she learnt jewelry design as autodidact. 
Even with a solid background in business management and MBA-strategic management, during the last year (2020) she decided to follow her dream: design jewelry.
Just after a few months she became one of the finalist in the prestigious contest “GIT‘s World Jewelry Design Award 2020”. 🏅The contest theme was “Beyond Jewelry: Artistic Elegance of Gems“.

The Designs

The design, a mix of hand sketch and digital paint, is called “The Light of Hope”.
She defines the “Light of Hope” as a human savior in a difficult historic moment of confusion of the mankind.
Samira gave life to her feelings as a contemporary Iranian poet Sarina Limouchi versified:

I have a heart like a galaxy,
Flung through the Dark,
Which is fall away from the world,
With the silent stars,
Waiting for light of hope…
And I have fallen in my spiral
But the dream is free and abandoned
A day when the light of Hope arrives,
Again, the sky in my night is Chandelier
My stars shake the dust and dance
And joyful silence by Riding on comets goes everywhere
My galaxy is beautiful that day It has found the Milky Way.

Art, talent, beauty and a deep message of hope are perfectly enclosed together.

Technique: Hand sketch and water color

Design name: Birds in love

Inspiration: Iranian flower and birds paintings

Flowers and birds are a thousand-year-old style in Iranian painting. In this style, the bird has become a symbol of the lover, who is flying and making love among the intertwined flowers.

Dalila Daffara