Maura Carena



Maura Carena is a talented jewelry designer from Valenza, one of the most important jewelry districts in Italy. She specialized in one of a kind jewelry pieces and she collaborates with prestigious Brands, known worldwide for high-end jewels.

Maura is a real artist, fully in love with her creations. Looking at her projects, you can really feel her passion and her maestry behind every single piece.

Every day Maura faces to creative challenges, connecting her own soul and art while designing original and innovative jewels.

Maura Carena is inspired by the Beauties and Joys of the World, capturing in her mind even the tiniest detail of sensational places she visits. These memories blend with her magic fantasy, capable to create artistic jewels.

The Designs

Maura was inspired by the magnificent Nature in designing the ruby and diamond bracelet: wheat fields at the sunset sourranded by a summer breeze.
Red rubies, evoking the sunset colors, together with diamonds create a delicate wheat spike design. Wheat is symbol of prosperity and good luck, which is Maura’s wish for the fortunate wearer.

The magnificent earrings in the imagine were inspired by Gaudì’s Sagrada Familia during one of her trips in Barcellona.
She was amazed by every single particular of the Basilica, she was especially fascinated by the sinuous spiral staircase.

The black enamels, diamonds and sapphires sparkle on white gold in the ipnotic and charming spiral design earrings.

A magnific bracelet in a sharp design is inspired by Pagodas. Gold, Diamonds and Sapphires combined with ceramic which shines in its blue wide surface.
Maura sketches the bracelet with sinuos lines and chromatic contrasts thanks to diamonds and sapphires or rubies for the red version.

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