Baleani Alta Gioielleria



Baleani was founded by Enzo Baleani in 1962 in Riccione. 

Enzo’s love for high jewelery lives today in his daughters Anna and Polly who honor, with passion and creativity, the artistic legacy handed down from their father

Today Baleani Alta Gioielleria is a brand known and recognized nationally and internationally, where inexhaustible creativity and attention to detail are the strengths that transform each piece of fine jewelry into a unique and timeless work of art.



Baleani Alta Gioielleria jewels are precious and unique pieces of art.

Each jewel is made in Italy with the utmost attention to detail in order to enhance its exceptional beauty.

Baleani Alta Gioielleria creations are timeless, designed for modern women who want to stand out.

Bocca di Squalo collection



Bocca di Squalo collection is one of Baleani Alta Gioielleria’s icons.

The collection was born in the ’80, it is a perfect combination of classic solitaire with colorful gems in an innovative cocktail ring. A transformable jewel that has revolutionized the traditional concept of classic jewelry.

Dalila Daffara